About Us

stepic gume 007Our company was created from the manufacturing operations 2006 year of the most basic tasks that we are at the very beginning perfected and spread gradually. Only when we have the technology we apply proven so reliable, we adopted a new and more advanced solutions and develop ascending.
His love for our business and customers and years of experience have made us a recognizable and it's one of the reasons that our network of satisfied customers spread the benefit of us all.
It was at the insistence of dedicated work, what sets us apart from the rest. From our beginnings as a family craft that we use, we are trying with every service, a product that we use and sell and masterful vision and touch diligent master hand to justify the philosophy that we follow to this day and hopefully in the future. A Vi rate.

We have the basic goal is to create new value for its customers in the area of ​​providing specialized services, not only the installation and maintenance of the existing auto-equipment, but at a highly-efficient and a safety level of the client's vehicle as well as the work of counseling and buying processes of our clients.

Our customers and will recognize all of our values ​​such as professionalism in the management of processes and services, the availability and quality of products and services, business transparency and participation in a technology - the security of society and encourage the development of our economy. Our clients will our services and products used together with us to develop their business for mutual benefit.