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Gume na prodaju Stepic Dubocka

gume na prodaju stepic dubocka

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stepic gume

We offer the following services:
Installation-dismantling of the wheels (personal, easy freight PhotoArtCreation 4 × 4 SUV) - balancing wheels (steel, aluminum wheels) ...
Attaching and removing the wheels from the vehicle
Vulcanization of rubber / vazdušnica (hot vulcanization, cold vulcanization)
Handling steel wheels (cleaning and polishing)
Going out on the field
Hotel rubber - seasonal wheels, season summer / winter

No contact wash
Painting, polishing and clerical correction of aluminum and steel wheels
Vulcanization of the Bay
polishing of headlights

We do clerical correction alloy wheels
By order:
Sale of aluminum and steel wheels (new and used)
Sales Farova for all types of vehicles
Sales xenon-a
polishing of headlights

In addition to the various services we provide, carry out the activity of retail and wholesale wide range of tires from leading manufacturers both for personal, 4 × 4 (SUVs), vans, vans, motorcycles and scooters, bicle etc ...

We are especially proud with its tire-repair shops in which you provide a service assembly-disassembly and balancing wheels on modern machines of superior quality and the centering gear (optics), the latest technology in high-standard machinery, and other vulcanization services (tire repair, etc. ...).

Hotel rubber

We offer you a novelty in our region - Services TYRE which store the tires of your vehicle after the season (year-winter).
With the most advanced equipment in our VULKANIZERSKI service will be welcomed by our friendly and professional, highly trained staff.

Dear friends - our clients and customers,
we are able to provide you with accommodation wheels of your vehicle in our specially designed area, which is intended for tires of different sizes and COLAZO, in order to make it easier, the space and the care of transportation, proper storage, safety review and a series of benefits that you take away your valuable time and space.

All leading tire manufacturers advise that the tire should be stored indoors, preferably protected from special moisture, heat and light. And if we entrust our tires of his vehicle expert team will inform you about the depletion and old tires before each shift of seasonal tires and wheels, and of course you will be trained on the proper use thereof.
Your tires remain secure in our standard - the best conditions.
This kind of service is the simplest and best solution for you and your car's tires.

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Prodavnica - Vulkanizer - Petrovac - Opština - Dubočka - Gume

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Gume na prodaju Stepić - Dubočka

gume na prodaju stepic dubocka


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