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Gume na prodaju Stepic Dubocka

gume na prodaju stepic dubocka

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stepic gumeOur service advises:
Suspension geometry has been set properly prerequisite are safe and economical driving. Experts recommend at least once a year to make checking the condition of the chassis and, if necessary, make a quality adjustment. Also, it is recommended that the wheel alignment or auto-optics device for each activity on the control mechanism and suspension, as well as on vehicles which have undergone any significant damage or carambola. Here are a few reasons for this:
• improperly set track width impairs driveability of the car
• Poor geometry reduces the stability and handling of the vehicle affects the increased tire wear and increases the resistance of the wheels and fuel consumption.

Our goal is that each tire you buy with us, that really is transported as many kilometers as far as the manufacturer guarantees, of course, be sure to road and traffic.


Balancing tires

Balancing tires (point) is a very important issue when it comes to comfort and vehicle safety. If the wheels and tires are not balanced, ie. If the tires are not "perfectly round" comes to the appearance of vibration.

The vibrations are transmitted to point to the cab car and create an unpleasant feeling of driving. Balancing is achieved good load distribution which results in a reduction in vibration and greater comfort.

Proper wheel balancing brings several benefits:
- Reduced wear of mechanical parts of the car
- Moderate consumption of tires
- Improved ride comfort

Balancing is the process by which the mass point balances, and distributes the load on different sides of the same axle. Tires are usually balance the lead, grinding or tiles. Balancing is best done on all four wheels as the car will vibrate if they are balanced only the front wheels, while the rear are not.

Also on sale that are not properly balanced, the tires wear out faster and unevenly, and as a result, may suffer shock absorbers, bearings and other parts of the suspension. Such large expenditures are certainly not required, and is much cheaper and more useful option to make wheel balancing.

Balancing is also necessary every time you put new tires or winter tires when he replaced summer and vice versa. Price is much lower, but the damage that can occur if the wheels do not balance can be significantly higher, however, on how not worth saving.


The appropriate air pressure in the tire

Tire pressure affects the control performance of vehicles, and affects the fuel efficiency as well as the potential safety. The appropriate tire air pressure can also prolong the life of tires - unsuitable inflated tires are prone to excessive and uneven wear.

They are extremely important regular control pressure

It is recommended that all drivers to check tire air pressure at least once per month, as well as before and after long journeys. It is also advisable to check the profile tires for the uneven wear that can be a symptom of too much or too little inflated tires.

Even in ideal conditions on the road, tires usually lose pressure at a rate of 0.69 bar or 1 pound per square inch (PSI) per month, even more in warmer weather.

If you are not sure of the correct pressure for your tires, check the booklet for your vehicle drivers or side wall of the tire. Or, of course, come with us.


Why is it important to change tires winter - summer

Season tires for the car can only rarely turn out cheaper than the combination of summer / winter and throughout the year have significantly worse driving characteristics.

Season tires may at first seem like a good solution. They are suitable for both winter and summer, are considered appropriate obligatory winter equipment, and save time and money by eliminating the need for regular assembly and disassembly of winter or summer tires. However, our account shows that the tires only in rare cases are really paying off. The calculation was based on four years of use, or 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers covered during that period. During this period, the owner of the car will spend one set of winter and one set of summer tires and two sets celogodišnjih tires.

While the one who decides the combination of summer-winter tires have as many as eight times paying tire, tires are considerably more expensive, but at the Dunlop and Goodyear does not have any tangible difference in price, and in the Save the difference is more in favor of celogodišnjih tires. However, if you select an action on the portal for group purchases, those who regularly change summer and winter tires will save more money, as the combination of summer and winter tires seem favorable.

However, the most important reason against celogodišnjih tires is their safety. In fact, on all the relevant tests such tires have proven to be significantly worse than the summer during the summer and winter during the winter. For example, out of 28 tested winter tires in a recent test ADAC dropped only four, a four year-round even two.

Prodavnica - Vulkanizer - Petrovac - Opština - Dubočka - Gume

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Gume na prodaju Stepić - Dubočka

gume na prodaju stepic dubocka


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